Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Lesbian Testimonies

25. Anonymous 21/04/2021
A few years ago I met up with someone I only ever saw at university in one or two lectures a week (...)
24. A.N. 14/04/2021
I met with a man to ask about renting a pool house from him (...)
23. Anonymous 13/04/2021
At the time I didn't realize how wrong it was, particularly since he was my boyfriend. I only discovered later in life that I was a lesbian, but sadly I was another victim of compulsory heterosexuality (....)
22. L 10/04/2021
This is a story I have not said out loud in its entirety, not even when I was in trauma therapy for these events. It contains descriptions of sexual abuse and indirectly the sexual abuse of children, so read with caution (...)
21. Anonymous 09/04/2021
I was raped regularly as a toddler and child by my nanny's boyfriend (...)
20. M 09/04/2021
I had a lovely first date with a wonderful woman and we were walking through the city to the main train station (...)
19. Anonymous 09/04/2021
My only connection to the lesbian community was cut of from me as Im only attracted to cis woman sexually (...)
18. Anonymous 07/04/2021
I was raped by a trans woman. I’d thought “she” was my friend and had felt safe around “her” (...)
17. Anonymous 28/03/2021
Firstly all girls/women are subjected to sexual violence/harassment ....etc,being controlled. Being put in a box of boundaries and there is a set limit what we are allowed to do because we are girls and patriarchy has made the rules for us (...)
16. Anonymous 26/03/2021
During my first year of university, I was sexually assaulted by a trans identified male. I was in the midst of a severe mental health crisis, and drank a lot while out (...)
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