Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Lesbian Testimonies

76. Anonymous 25/02/2022
when i was around 16 in 2019, I had met an online friend (...)
72. Anonymous 25/01/2022
Cuando tenía 16 años me acerqué a la teoría queer (...)
70. Anonymous 12/01/2022
1) Various negative physical experiences with gay/bi men in UK gay bars/clubs (...)
65. Nia M.10/11/2021
It happened about 25 years ago. I was in a bar called Buddies in Chicago. Buddies was a male gay bar (...)
29. Anonymous 07/05/2021
I am a lesbian previously a non-binary identified person. I identified as non-binary after a rape I faced from (...)
27. Anonymous 04/05/2021
During the year I forced myself (and was forced) to have sex with men to be "normal", I met this guy (...)
7. Anonymous – 20/03/2021
I have a few MeToo stories. Some of them happened in college, when I was pretending to be straight, so they don't have anything to do with my homosexuality. Man #1 held me down on a bed and pretended he was going to rape me, then laughed it off (...)
4. Dyke Blackbelt – 17/03/2021
Night of my Black Belt Test: This was in the early 1980s and had a profound effect on me. We had tested for our ranks that day, so that evening we had a party in a fairly liberal town (...)
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