Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Lesbian Testimonies

23. Anonymous 13/04/2021
At the time I didn't realize how wrong it was, particularly since he was my boyfriend. I only discovered later in life that I was a lesbian, but sadly I was another victim of compulsory heterosexuality (....)
18. Anonymous 07/04/2021
I was raped by a trans woman. I’d thought “she” was my friend and had felt safe around “her” (...)
10. TJL 21/03/2021
When I was 19 I was in my first lesbian relationship and honestly had never been happier. CSE perp* found out (...)
5. Anonymous – 18/03/2021
I was 12 when I realized that I had feelings for a peer. We went everywhere together at my family’s campground and people knew we were a bit of a pair. Flash forward almost two years, I was at a little gathering and went to a trailer on the property of the gathering to grab some snacks and drinks to bring back to the party (...)
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