Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Lesbian Testimonies

74. Erin 16/02/2022
The friend of a friend gay guy with us in a group (...)
70. Anonymous 12/01/2022
1) Various negative physical experiences with gay/bi men in UK gay bars/clubs (...)
66. Steph 06/12/2021
A gay male "friend" grabbed my breasts (...)
59. Anonymous 21/11/2021
I have often been accused of being a man hater. A man hating dyke (...)
57. Annonymous
Groping and motor boating, going "it's fiiiine gurl! You know I'm gay!" (...)
47. Anonymous 01/11/2021
I have been photographed and filmed about 80 times by male hunting (...)
17. Anonymous 28/03/2021
Firstly all girls/women are subjected to sexual violence/harassment ....etc,being controlled. Being put in a box of boundaries and there is a set limit what we are allowed to do because we are girls and patriarchy has made the rules for us (...)
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