Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Lesbian Testimonies

66. Anonymous 23/11/2021
So I'm not sure if this really counts since it was online but I was around fifteen (probably fourteen) when it happened (...)
61. Anonymous 21/11/2021
I have often been accused of being a man hater. A man hating dyke (...)
55. Anonymous 08/11/2021
My sister's husband gave me alcohol and then (...)
47. Sappho’s sister 31/10/2021
I was on a website for lesbians. I was 13 and home alone on my laptop (...)
40. Sara G
I have had abusive experiences from men my whole life too many incidents to mention (...)
39. SJ 27/10/2021
This is rather a long list, but I know (sadly) I am not the only woman (or lesbian) to suffer sexual abuse at the hands of males (...)
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