Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Lesbian Testimonies

33. Anonyme 21/06/2021
Ma copine et moi nous entrelacions sur le trottoir d'une "rue de la soif" très fréquentée un soir quand un homme (...)
29. Anonymous 07/05/2021
I am a lesbian previously a non-binary identified person. I identified as non-binary after a rape I faced from (...)
27. Anonymous 04/05/2021
During the year I forced myself (and was forced) to have sex with men to be "normal", I met this guy (...)
22. L 10/04/2021
This is a story I have not said out loud in its entirety, not even when I was in trauma therapy for these events. It contains descriptions of sexual abuse and indirectly the sexual abuse of children, so read with caution (...)
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