Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

101. Anonymous 12/04/2022

I have as a lesbian experienced constant harassment from guys. Here are some of many * walking in the evening holding hands with my girlfriend. Gets harassed by a guy offering us money if we kiss and let him watch. * I was in a gay bar, went to the womens toilet a guy followed me. Barges through the door of the toilet and sticks his finger inside me and quickly leaves. * in a gay bar i remember my first kiss stolen by a woman who forcefully stuck her tongue down me and then casually introduced her male partner and tried to convince me to have a threesome with them. * at work one of my male collegues knew I was a lesbian and continued to "offer" to have set with me because "how do I know I don't like men if I haven't tried it". * I briefly texted a woman on a dating app and decided to meet her at bar. Turns out it was a transfemale. Me being polite or embarrassed I stayed for one drink and left. The person tried to force a kiss on me as I was leaving. * Dating site got angry response from male to female for not being interested in a sexual encounter. Tried to make me feel bad. My childhood, teens and adulthood is unfortunately riddled with traumatic sexual abuse, sexual violations and rape by males.