Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

102. Maël 14/04/2022

There have been many instances of sexual violence towards me since I came out at 14 y/o, but the following are the ones that were specifically due to me being a lesbian: -The classic "how do you know you don't like it if you haven't tried" as a teen that eventually led me to heterosexual sex which was traumatizing to me, many times -My male "best friend" of years who obviously knew I was a lesbian proposing sex or oral sex or wanting to kiss me everytime he got drunk, sometimes saying very disturbing thinks like "can I suck your cunt". I tolerated this for years because I didn't know how to react. -Drag queens at gay bars touching my boobs/vagina/kissing me in the mouth then saying "it's okay because I'm gay lol" -Same drag queens using lesbophobic slurs to refer to me from the stage. -Random men in bars touching my boobs/vagina to "check if I'm actually female" because I'm gender non conforming -Men putting drugs in my drink to rape me after I tell them in conversation that I'm a lesbian, then actually raping me