104. Anonymous 17/04/2022

In my class, there is a TIM (…)

In my class, there is a TIM [trans-identified male]. This TIM is 18 (maybe even 19), while all of us are 16 or 17. On his instagram, he acts so much like he is “shy” and “cute” (with pictures on a dress and doing 👉🏻👈🏻). But he actually isn’t like this at all. It happened multiple times that he kicks chairs and insults teachers etc and he even threatened to strangle me completely out of context. I’m the only lesbian in the class with him, and one of the rare ones in my entire school. One day we were at a party together and he was so weird around me, wanting to hug me all the time and forcing me to play a game about sex (we turn the bottle and we have to kiss someone or answer a sexy question blah blah), thankfully one of my friend told me it was okay if I didn’t want to play (by that time, I was 14). It’s sad that he’s the only “lesbian” I know beside my girlfriend, and everyone protects him and treats him like a baby and it feels like I’m the only one seeing how he truly is.