Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Second-hand testimony from Hannah 19/04/2022

In 2019, I dated a woman who was best friends & roommates with her ex-girlfriend, who happens to be a trans identified male named Trudy (names changed for anonymity). Trudy identified as a transbian, and would push his roommates (all female) sexual boundaries. He started off by making off kilter/unwanted sexual comments without context. Several times Trudy's friends addressed this with him, but they tolerated it because of his gender identity and they wanted to be accommodating. My girlfriend at the time was the most accommodating to him when he would cruelly bully, belittle, and ignore her. Eventually, Trudy's behavior escalated into actual sexual violence. At this time, Trudy would date cis women and treated them very hypersexual, and was handsy on first dates. Many times, these women would ghost Trudy or never call her back, leaving Trudy disappointed. Trudy, being in an open relationship with a trans identified female, eventually caught shit for taking a choking game "too far" with a woman who identified as nonbinary. My ex-girlfriend rushed to his defense every time. Eventually, I learned when Trudy dated my ex-girlfriend, Trudy cheated on her with a female IN THE SAME BED AS THEM and then ended up blaming my ex-girlfriend for reacting upset. This experience was traumatizing to my girlfriend, who self-harmed and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for suicidal ideations. Trudy successfully gaslit her into believing there needed to be "equal accountability" for Trudy's unwillingness to acknowledge boundaries. Towards the end of our relationship, Trudy got wasted one night and got in my face about taking my ex girlfriend's virginity with his penis. I knew then and there that Trudy's position in my girlfriend's life was solidified. At the time, I felt there was nothing I could say or do about it. Trudy is a sociopathic fetishist, and I regret every so often I didn't clock him when I had the chance.