Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

106. Anonymous 19/04/2022

When I was 15, I started first identifying as a trans man on the internet. A few months later, a trans woman 6 years older than me started stalking me. Would look for all my accounts, would harass me, would send me nudes, etc. Why? Bcuz I said I faced misogyny, once, on my Tumblr. She stalked me up until I was 18, because I threatened her with legal action. Since I was finally 18, I could actually do something. She didn't like that, and promptly disappeared. When I was 16, still identifying as a trans man--I said that I was only interested in dating the same sex as myself. Another trans woman, 5 years older than me, started calling me a transmisogynist. She sent me nude images of herself with my name on her body, sent me death threats, , suicide baited me, and got her following of around 1k to engage with it, too. Other people started doing it. They would save my pictures, save clips of my voice, and do disgusting things with them. I deleted that Tumblr. When I was 17 I started a Skype chat for trans men and Nonbinary afabs as a space for us to talk about our issues we face. A trans woman around 25 years old forced me to let her join--and said if I didn't, she would out me to her followers as "a transmisogynist". I let her join. She proceeded to harass people in the chat. Called us all transphobes, and would send anime catgirl porn into the chat (the majority being minors in the group). We kicked her out. She proceeded to make fake screenshots, harassed us-- and we deleted our accounts. When I was 17 I dated a guy. It went poorly. He was abusive and predatory. 6 years later he comes to my state, to a local anime convention, with the intention to find me. He does. He tells me he's a trans woman now, so he's no longer abusive like he used to be. Two weeks into being friends again (idk why I gave him a chance) he tells me he has a fetish for trans men. Tries coercing me into cheating on my fiance with him. I blocked him, obviously. I know I'm not the only one with stories like this, either. How many times will we have to hear the same shit until people believe us? Just remembered the time I had a trans woman stalking me for a few months when I was 17, and when I turned 18, not two weeks later demanded I send them nude pictures of myself "or else". Lol.