Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

Young lesbian dating experiences – Anna 20/11/2022

I am a young college age woman, and like many college age people I’m looking to have some sexual experiences. I have known I was lesbian for a long time, and my campus has a personals page where people can advertise for dates/hookups. I put up a small ad seeking a “masc lesbian” AKA a butch woman and people began to contact me. All of them were trans identified males. Since the page is anonymous none of them had photos and revealed this in their messages to me. I felt deceived and frustrated because for a long time I thought I was speaking to actual women. I am additionally angry because in what world does the phrase “masc lesbian” mean full on man?? I’m sick of the entitlement and also very frustrated as a lesbian with a high sex drive. It seems at least in this area that any of us lesbians who want a lot of sexual/contact hookups are only going to get courted by full on males. Brings up uncomfortable memories of my childhood in which I was labeled as having a “male pattern sexuality” because I liked women. I wish trans people would understand that lesbians don’t want male bodied individuals and responding to lesbian requests for female partners is wholly deceptive