Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

13. Anonymous 21/03/2021

When I was 16, I was hanging with a group of friends, all lesbians, all older than me. We went to a gay bar, I was the only one underage but felt safe with friends.

We were hanging out, there was a group of men there too, everyone dancing, laughing, having fun, it seemed okay. One of the men kept getting between me and my friends, he kinda led me away and then suddenly it wasn’t okay. He grabbed my arms, told me he was actually straight and laughed when I said I wasn’t.

He didn’t let go until one of my friends physically pulled me away, then he went back to his mates. It was such a small interaction I felt like I shouldn’t make a big deal, but I haven’t been back into a gay bar since and only go to all women lesbian bars.

When I was in college, aged 17, I was helping a boy my age with some work and a man who had children older than I was loudly announced to the boy that there was no point "trying it" with me since I was a dyke.

When the teacher overheard me and another woman talking about it, he didn’t report it or ask me if I was okay, he spent the two days he covered my class trying to convince me I needed a man in my life. If I got stuck on a piece of work or struggled with a tool, he’d laugh and say it was proof I needed a man.