Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

2. AR – 17/03/2021

This happened decades ago in Paris - I was looking for a lesbian club and found a male gay club - the bouncer gave me directions to the female one.  

I couldn't find it and returned back to the male gay club.  It was late and the guy said I could stay at his.  I was only 18 and assumed he was gay and he knew I was gay.   Anyway to cut a long story short - I went back to his house and he raped me.  I've always felt such an idiot about this as I should have known better than to go back or trust strangers.  But there is a strong camaraderie in the gay community where you have clear sexual boundaries as you've got much in common, for example, a difficult upbringing so there's that mutual trust across sexes.

I'm now mistrustful of guys who say they're gay knowing that I'm a lesbian in order to gain trust  - this seems to be a not so uncommon ploy so that you let your guard down.  It happened once again after but this time I got away.

It's a shame as I have some great male friends but younger lesbians have to be aware of this.