Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

24. A.N. 14/04/2021

I met with a man to ask about renting a pool house from him. He rented rooms in his house out too, but I wanted the pool house because I have cats and they couldn't stay in the main house. We were going over the details and he made some joke about how, due to past drama, he didn't want anyone bringing boyfriends over. I told him that I was a lesbian (in retrospect, a mistake) and joked that I'd make sure not to bring any girlfriends over.

We continued to go over the move in details, and I told him that I could pay his move-in fee, but that I wouldn't have enough to pay for the first month of rent until the next week. He said that that was all right, I could just give it to him then, no late charge. I chalked this generosity up to the fact that the pool house wasn't 100% finished yet (he'd also agreed to a lower rent for the first two months while he finished everything).

About a week later, his girlfriend went out of town on some errand or another. He made me follow him into his room, then asked for an erotic massage as a late fee for my rent. He kept coercing me to touch his dick and ass, all while asking me what lesbian sex was like. I disassociated for most of it. After I managed to get away, saying that I had to leave for work, I wrote it all down in my journal, because I knew that the disassociation would cause me to forget the details or think that I had dreamed them.

I once asked another woman renting a room from him if he'd ever tried anything like that with her. She said no, and I know that she'd had issues with late payments with him. He was a shitty landlord to everyone, but as far as I know, he only sexually abused me. Was it all because he knew I was gay? That must have been at least part of it.