Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

42. Sara 28/10/2021

When going out at night and sitting on a street bench with a few women I knew on the night clubs area, between the crowds walking outside the bars I saw one of my friends saying hi to a man I though I recognised from many years before. I went over and said hi, and saw he was very drunk, instantly he looked at me and told me "oh I used to be really turned on by you" and that left me shocked, then he put his arm around my shoulders drunkenly and answering to something someone else said shouted near my ear " I LOVE FUCKING LESBIANS". I instantly removed myself from around his arm like one cringely removes a bug with a shoulder movement, then later on I spoke to that friend who said hi to the harasser and said to her how unacceptable that was. She literally told me to put myself in his place, the poor thing was mainly attracted to lesbians. I couldn't believe what was happening. A couple of months laters I learn that he had sexually assaulted a woman by penetrating her with his fingers whilst she was asleep. This person still has a rich social life, unfortunately.