Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

68. Anonymous 19/12/2021

I will start off with the things he had done to me and another person. I will call him N. N has talked in detail about giving guns, drugs, and alcohol to elementary and middle school children. He talked in detail about stalking and hurting other people, one example being how he stalked people for money and how he filled a sock with coins to beat his younger brother with it. He stalked me and another boy with who he had been inappropriate with. He encouraged self harm to my then girlfiend, such as encouraging her to hit the wall so much that her knuckles bled and to starve herself (she has an eating disorder). He encouraged unsuitable diets to people around him including me. He messed with my mind by first giving me something to eat and then giggling and saying that he put something in there, I told him to stop doing that. After the first few times he then began convincing me that he put nothing in the food when giving it to me and then saying he did when I took a few bites. He would come to me and ask about a date I went with my girlfriend on, when I would start telling him about it he would interrupt to tell me what we did, saying that he followed us. When I told my then gf what he did she waved it off and said he was only joking. He did that with nearly every date we went on, he was able to say things that we had done which he wouldn’t have known we did unless he did stalk us. He called my self harm scars “cool”. He accused me of stealing his mascara after we went shopping (I don’t wear makeup at all, he knew this.). He came out as trans after I knew him for a year. He manipulated me into buying a bra with him, in the store he would say how he wanted to pick a name like “Crystal” because they were stripper names. After he lied to me about being on female hormones, saying his mother didn’t understand what they were and agreed for him to take it, after a few days he showed me his “boob growth” and I was disturbed but congratulated him regardless of not even seeing a change because I wanted to be supportive. When I and my then gf disagreed with him on something he stormed away in anger, making us chase him only for him to make laps around the school, purposely walking close to us when he passed. Then he came to us and “apologized” and blamed the hormones for making him emotional. For a whole week he was an asshole to me and my gf wouldn’t allow me to say anything about it because he was trans. It was after that, he encouraged my gf to harm herself. I told him to stay away and it was when I decided to stay away from him. The boy, my friend, later came to me with bags under his eyes and told me that N has been stalking him after their date (he had no idea that he was trans, my friend is a gay man). He described how N was doing it, it was then that I realized that N has also been stalking me. From then on I noticed more and more of N being around but never quite coming up to me or whenever I saw him he would pretend that he didn’t see me. When covid came I was glad that the system changed to two classes a day. But every day, he would wait for me outside of my classroom ten minutes before any class was dismissed, for all four semesters. He would do this every day just to say hi to me and leave. I never once told him where my classes were. The class departments I was in were no where near his. After I told a vice principal, they wrote everything down and said they would speak to him. I was exhausted by then because I couldn’t sleep. That’s when he started to do little things to get to me. He would come up from behind me and get really close, loudly saying “HELLO ____” before walking off. He knew I was jumpy. One time when I was standing with the vice principal, he made laps around the school and each time yelled hello whenever he got super close and the vice principal did nothing. I was just told to ignore him. At the end of the year, my best friend’s mom was late in picking me up. N waited one hour after everybody from the school left to approach me. I was sitting down in the front of a center that is attached to our school. He came up and said hello again, sitting down next to me. I was scared. There was not one car in the student parking lot. No one was around. I said hello back and didn’t move. He then asked me why I was ignoring him. I know I was being foolish but I thought that maybe he really did not know and if I told him he would understand. I don’t really remember what I said but I know I was polite and told him how he creeped me out because of the things he said and did. Instantly he raised his voice. I think he was gaslighting? Saying things like “No I didn’t.” “Don’t lie.” “That’s not what happened.” “I was only joking” “That’s not true.”. With each time he got louder and louder until I stopped saying anything. It felt like I was really in danger. This has been going on for two and a half years. I met him in grade nine. He left that day, I had nightmares for weeks after. In the beginning of this year I saw him again. He now goes by she/her pronouns and the name Kat. He befriended almost everyone I know. They all refer to him by what he wants to be called. He again began trying to give me food, I only accepted once because of the social pressure of people staring at me when he personally offered it to me, everyone knows me as the girl who is always hungry. He did that on purpose. I know because he waited until there were people around me to do so. Sometimes I see him staring at me with a blank expression. I try my best to just walk away or stay around people and I think he finally moved on now that he gets attention from other people. There are multiple gay males at my school or male “queers” yet he only stays near females. Lesbians. He said weird things before he said he was trans, and he only grew interested when he realized that I was a lesbian. There is no doubt in my mind that he is predatory towards all lesbians or women who exhibit signs of same sex attraction. I am scared of telling anyone else because I live in Canada and here they value transwomen over women and if I speak up with a face to attach to the story I will be looked down upon and shamed. I know I will be blamed because I hear how people talk about gender nonbelievers or anyone who says anything negative about transwomen. Everyone affirms transwomen. All the staff. Every person in a position of power. I am not safe here and I am still struggling because of what happened. While physically he did nearly nothing, he did intimidate me and mess with me and people around me. This is when I realized just how predatory trans males are and how I couldn’t rely on anybody who believed in gender. He could have hurt me, he has grown to be bigger than me. He stalked me so much that he knew where I live, He does not even live in the same city as me. Even if people here do take my side, he would still be able to hurt or intimidate me.