Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

47. Anonymous 01/11/2021

I have been photographed and filmed about 80 times by male hunting with their smartphones in Sweden during Corona in 2020. Male shot at me in public spaces, such as: on the beach, at the public library, in the forest, in the train, in restaurant, in cafés, on the streets, in the parc, in the bus, and at the gym!! Perpetretors were mostly Swedish white male aged from 20-60. I experience this persecution as sexual violence. And it has different level. Each time I were shot at, I felt a physical pain in my chest. the pain lasts for about 2 hours, no matter how much breathing exercise I did to try to get rid of. I have lost a sense of safety in being myself in public spaces, as "being myself" and being part of the world is now putting me in danger of keeping my integrity. After the massing shooting, I noticed my picture (haircut, clothing, facial mimic, hut) was used for commercial purposes (advertisment, fashion, magazine, television) in Sweden, Copenhagen, Paris, and elsewhere. Finally, my face has been dispatched on social media, admired at then mocked at, and today (2021) I am facing massive hate speech on virtual platforms, so that I can not walk on the street without people recognizing my face. This is my current reality in different countries now in Europe. I would add that gay male have been part of being perpetrators of this hunt.