Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

62. Sabine 22/11/2021

I was at a carnival parade with my then-girlfriend. A man tried to walk past me and he gave me a bodycheck. I asked him to watch where he's walking, and he called us "faggots". I told him that we're not faggots, but women/lesbians, and said it's not okay to call us that. I then turned away from him and wanted to watch the parade. The next thing I know is him hitting me with his fist, he broke my nose. Blood was all over my clothes. I didn't see that coming because for me, the situation was over. What bugs me the most is that there were so many people standing around - and no one held him so that the police could fetch him. No one even offered me a tissue. I have problems with breathing through my nose until this day and this although I had surgery to correct my nose. ----- Another incident that happened and did not include physical violence was when I was in public transport with some other girlfriend, and guys approached us asking us whether we want to kiss for them, who's the man in the relationship etc. This is not physical violence, but nevertheless abusive. We felt like we're pornified by them.