Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

78. 07/03/2022

Please don’t dismiss my response for not using the right pronouns. I’d like to hope someone in this position would understand that this persons birth sex is likely what affects their behaviour and I cannot bring myself to call them she. When I was 16 I was in a “relationship” with a 26 year old trans identified male. He never openly told me he was, but old pics of him pre transition were everywhere, as were dilation things, hormone things and it was clear from his neovag. I’d been kicked out at 16 and was living with a flatmate at the time who did try to get me to involve police but I was too scared. He was very into extremely rough sex and cnc and often bought and gave me drugs (mainly ketamine) I’m assuming to try and keep me compliant. (and also took pics of me naked etc and sent them to multiple people to “brag”- I didn’t find out till it was too late). One time we were having sex and he said he wanted to punish me for something, my guess was I’d blown him off a few times that week go focus on college work. I’d already asked him to stop a few times at this point because he was really hurting me but got ignored. He then hit me round the head with the blunt/flat side of an axe (he kept weapons in the room all the time, guns etc whether or not the were real I don’t know but I was told his dad gave him one and that it wasn’t an air pistol, but the same as US guns. Unlikely but it still scared me) and pushed me down, held me by my neck and started to burn me. He’d cut into me too luckily not deep but it still scarred. He then burnt me (stapled post it notes to me with the dates on and certain things I wrote in messages to set them alight) , I started screaming for him to stop and tried to flail myself over (my wrists were cable tied I couldn’t move and could hardly feel them it was so tight). Eventually he stopped burning me but carried on doing whatever else he wanted to. After he finished I asked why he didn’t stop, he said it was because I didn’t say the safe word but we’d never discussed one and he was my first relationship, I didn’t know what that meant. I’ve included pics just because I really don’t want to be dismissed as a transphobe, this is what happened and I’m sure I’m not the only lesbian with an experience like this.