Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

97. 03/04/2022

Just this past week we had to hire a plumber to come to our home and fix a leaking toilet. My wife and I were both home, along with our two children, ages 10 and 13. The plumber was a young guy, in his early 20s and seemed nice. He was only in our home for about 15 minutes. Ten minutes after he left we got the following text from him: "Hey between me and you your very beautiful both of you. Idk how your relationship is but if you guys want to expand your sexuality like three way im in tonight". We both felt so violated and gross. We have multiple pride flags hanging outside our house and he absolutely knew we were a lesbian couple. He would have never asked something like that if a man was around. It was so not okay for him to do that or presume we would want to have sex with him. I'm not sure why he thought sleeping with a male would be a way to expand our homosexuality. Gross.