Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

96. Anonymous 02/04/2022

I was 18 and I went to a night club for the first time. I accidentally got really drunk and decided to go to the bar by myself to get another drink. After buying one, this dude suddenly comes up to me and hooks his arm around my waist, saying how he saw me when i came into the club with friends and that he'd "been waiting for me to be alone". I was so drunk that I couldn't really understand how disgusting that was at the time, so I kind of just laughed and said "sorry, I'm a lesbian". He ignored this statement and just started to kiss me. This was technically my first ever "kiss", but I don't like to count it. I stood there for a few seconds, completely shocked, before I pushed him off. He immediately started touching me again, saying how my outfit was turning him on, so i managed to just turn around and hide myself in the crowd before a friend found me. I started sobbing and eventually got an uber home.