Exposing Male Violence Against Lesbians

95. 01/04/2022

I got a job as a professor at a university, and was new and not yet tenured, nervous to keep this job that I really wanted, and needed. There was an older colleague, very respected at the place, who started to move close to me, physically, which I first did not realized. He was specialised in classics and talked a lot about orgiastic rituals and such. At a faculty event, when I was talking to the dean, he stood closely behind me and put his hand on my buttocks. I could not say anything as I was talking in a foreign language, but managed to take his hand and put it away. I told this to my female (heterosexual) colleague, who answered that she is now jealous of me as he is such an impressive guy. So I gave up and did not seek any further support at the place. Unfortunately I had already invited the perpetrator to participate in a large research project, and did not dare to throw him out. When we met the next time, he sat close to my female assistant and put his hand on her (naked) arm. I stepped up and told him to keep his hands off my assistant. He never showed up again... I was happy to have defended her, but I still wish I had been able to confront him with his assault against me.